National Symposium Radu Grigorovici Centenary
Organized by the Romanian Academy and the National Institute of Materials Physics with support of the European Materials Research Society
10th October 2011, Great Hall of the Romanian Academy
Bucharest, Romania

Outstanding Romanian physicist, with fundamental contributions to the physics of amorphous semiconductors, Radu Grigorovici was born in 1911 in Cernauti, Bukovina (now Chernivtsi, Ukraine). He graduated the University of Cernauti in chemistry (1931) and physics (1934), and began his academic career at the department of experimental physics led by Prof. Eugen Badarau. In 1936 he moved to the University of Bucharest where he worked under the same leadership in the department of molecular physics, acoustics and optics. He received his PhD in physics (1939) and was awarded a reader position (1949) at that same department. Forced to quit the university for political reasons, Radu Grigorovici was transferred to the Institute of Physics - Bucharest (IFB) in 1960. It was there that he initiated the first research on amorphous semiconductors conducted in Romania. Founder and mentor of the Romanian school in the field, he earned wide international recognition for his work.

Scientific director of IFB (1963-1973), corresponding (1963) and full (1990) member of the Romanian Academy, its vice-president between 1990 and 1994, honorary member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova (1992), doctor honoris causa of the University of Bucharest (1996), honorary citizen of Radauti (in Bukovina), honorary president of the Society for the Romanian Culture and Literature in Bukovina, great officer of the National Order Star of Romania (2000).

Symposium Chairpersons:

Valentin Vlad
Vice-president of the Romanian Academy
Calea Victoriei 125, Bucharest
010071 Romania
Tel: +40(0)21 212 8658
Fax: +40(0)21 312 0209

Lucian Pintilie
Director of the National Institute of Materials Physics
Atomistilor 105, Bucharest-Magurele
077125 Romania
Tel: +40(0)21 369 0185
Fax: +40(0)21 369 0177


  • Ionel HAIDUC, President of the Romanian Academy: Cuvânt de deschidere (Opening address)
  • Valentin VLAD, Vice-president of the Romanian Academy: Profesorul Radu Grigorovici - un profesor pentru toate timpurile (Radu Grigorovici: A Teacher for All Seasons)
  • Rodrigo MARTINS, President of EMRS: The Contributions of Radu Grigorovici to the Understanding of the Disordered Semiconductors and Todays' Potential of the Oxide Disordered Semiconductors
  • Horia SCUTARU, Head of the Physical Sciences Section of the Romanian Academy: Viziunea lui Radu Grigorovici asupra fizicii ca element fundamental de cultură (Vision of Radu Grigorovici on Physics as a Fundamental Element of Culture)
  • Alexandrina CERNOV, Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy: Academicianul Radu Grigorovici şi Bucovina (Academician Radu Grigorovici and Bukovina)
  • Stan OVSHINSKY: Radu Grigorovici: a Great Man (written contribution)
  • Peter BARNA: Treating Scientific Problems in a Comprehensive Framework. The Research Policy of Professor Grigorovici.
  • Manfred REHBINDER: Radu Grigorovici: The Scholar and his Roots in Bukovina. A View from Abroad.
  • Athanasie TRUTIA: Radu Grigorovici văzut de aproape (Radu Grigorovici Up Close)
  • Dan H. CONSTANTINESCU: Radu Grigorovici sau Nu trebuie să te dai bătut (Radu Grigorovici or Standing one's ground)
  • Anina VANCU: Un adept al lucrului bine făcut (An Advocate of Work Well Done)
  • Andrei DEVENYI: Ce am învăţat de la Magistrul meu (What I Learned From my Teacher)
  • Mihai POPESCU: Lecţia de viaţă a Profesorului Radu Grigorovici (Professor Radu Grigorovici: Life Lessons)
  • Mircea IRIMESCU: Intoarcerea înţeleptului (The return of the Wise Man)
  • Nicolae BARSAN: Radu Grigorovici şi Jurnalul de la Păltiniş (Radu Grigorovici and the Paltinis Diary)